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Where's Jesus?


Is He that baby in the manger? Is He that man walking on the water? Is He on the cross, in the tomb, ascended on His throne in Heaven? Where is Jesus from your perspective?

Have you ever thought about how you perceive the Christ? This past week we asked where you would go when you died, why you wanted to be there, and where was Jesus in that mix. Do you remember how you felt when you heard the question? Would you be totally happy with a Heaven where Jesus wasn’t? Where is He now, from your vantage point? Do you know? Do you care?

Some would say that following Jesus is too personal, too intense, too messy, too demanding, costly, or uncertain. To some, He is best kept at arm’s length, removed from the daily management, uninvited to late night parties, out of their hair and certainly out of their pockets.

Some find Him best relegated as a babe in a manger, limited in power and controlled by us. We pick Him up. We put Him down. And if He cries too loudly, we leave.

Some see Him as the water-walking miracle man. What a guy to have on your team! Need to feed a multitude? Done. Need to calm a storm? No worries. Need a miracle? “Hey Jesus, over here.”

Some see Him best nailed to a cross. Just give me salvation, but stay out of my stuff. Bring on the goodies, but don’t go demanding anything in return. And, that empty tomb; that’s just scary. Where is He now? Does He see me? Is He going to sneak up on me when I’m, well, you know?

Some see Him ascended, reigning from afar, but impersonal. Out of touch and indifferent, I am left to my own devises, it will all work out in the end, we surmise.

How about you? Where is Jesus? Is He personal, in you, and you in Him? Can you see Him, touch Him and be touched by Him, know His heart, hear His call, do His will? This Christmas, as we celebrate the birth of our King, let’s remember to daily seek Him, and ever serve Him, for He can be found and He will be known.


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