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Giving and Thanksgiving

The oppressive summer heat begins to subside, as cooler airs shift currents from waves of cocoa butter to the warm embrace of pumpkin spice. The trees release their hold on chlorophyll, as pigments of orange and red emerge in leaves of glory, promoting frenzied pilgrimages to higher elevations just to see the imagination of our God on display. Fall is here and Thanksgiving is knocking on the accesses of our hearts.

Beyond the obvious trappings of the season, replete with her sights, smells, family times, and traditions, are reflections on a season, a year, a life remembered, purposed unto thanks giving. We look back, look around, and look forward with gratitude. To the very last, we are blessed. We have provision, comfort, peace, hope; all in the context of salvation from the One Who gave His life for us. We give thanks. It comes naturally from a heart filled with His Spirit & love.

But, this year, let us take that to a higher level of gratitude; one that not only gives thanks, which may cost us little, to another giving, wherein the cost is more substantial. What if everyone who reads this considers giving to the work of the Lord, not just during the holiday season, but every month of the year! How’d you like to join in?

What if every believer, and those within our spheres of influence, would give hours of their time every week to the Lord’s work, both in the church and in our community? Imagine if all within the church’s walls gave a full and true tithe (no less than 10 %) of the financial blessing God so generously lavishes on us, and a gracious love offering on top of that, for Kingdom work locally, and to the uttermost. What could we accomplish if everyone gave of time and money, as well as giving thanks?

We are being called to a higher level of ministry and mission. We are invited to go on home and international mission trips. We are tasked to take on more ministry and mission locally. The Lord is causing us to examine the potential of new work. Churches and ministries are working hard to fix, maintain and beautify aging facilities. The church is growing, calling for more needs to be met. These are exciting times!

So, this Thanksgiving, let’s do that. Let’s thank God for all He has given, is giving and will give. But, let’s not stop short by simply being takers of this glorious benefit of knowing Him. Let us be motivated to give more; an extra measure of ourselves, our resources, our time, and our love. Let us do this for the One Who has given His life, His blood, to redeem and set us in right standing with our loving Heavenly Father. Be blessed as you give, and give more.

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