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The Prayer of John 17

In John 17, Jesus offers a powerful prayer, setting a strong example for Christian discipleship. His prayer reveals God’s heart as well as important keys to Christ like living.

  • Prayed for Himself that He may bring glory to God

  1. Eternal life is only found through knowing God (v3).

  2. Jesus bought glory to God by completing the work given by God (v4). This is a challenge that we should take up, to do the same…

  3. He always acknowledged that the gifts and message on His life were not of His own, but from God (vv6-8). The key is not take glory for ourselves, but give back to God.

  • Prayed for the church.

  1. Acknowledged that the church is God’s and they were known as the ones who kept the Word (v6). Let us make sure the Word has priority in our lives too.

  2. The church is called to bring Christ glory (v10).

  3. It is the name of Jesus that brings us all into unity (v11).

  4. The name of Jesus brings protection (v12).

  5. The Word that was given by Jesus brings joy (v13).

  6. The church will be hated, because we do not belong to the world (v12).

  7. He prayed that we would be made holy by His truth, found in the Word (v17).

  8. The church has been sent out into the world (v18).

  9. Through Christ’s sacrifice we can be made holy, set apart by His truth (v19).

  10. He prayed for the generations to come who would believe – for us! (v20).

  11. He prayed that we would be one (v20).

  12. He prayed that we would be unified with other believers, as we abide in God, and that the world would believe in Christ (v21).

  13. Christ has given the church His glory, so we can be one (v20).

  14. Key: That the church is in Christ, as Christ is in God the Father (v23).

  15. Prayer that the world would know that Christ was sent and that God the Father loves the world as much as He loves Jesus, His son (v23).

  16. Christ has a heart to have us all with Him and His Father (v24).

  17. The world does not know the Father, but He does, and so do the disciples because He has revealed God the Father to them. The result of that is the same love God has for His Son, is now upon His disciples, as Christ is in them (v25).

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