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Guard and Guide Your Heart and Mind

The heart and mind of a leader are important to his or her success. They must be nurtured, protected and guided. Never allow these to wander aimlessly. They may very well drive you and your organization toward growth and success, or get you off the tracks and into a ravine!

Seven heart & mind crossroads that can derail your leadership decisions:

  1. Little compromises often lead to bigger compromises and ultimately can lead to moral, ethical, ministry or business failure.

  2. For some leaders, their mistress is the company, the ministry, or for pastors, the church.

  3. Don’t fear change out of self-preservation. Fear can debilitate.

  4. Change is not only inevitable; it comes faster than we may think.

  5. If you are not leading change, you are losing to change.

  6. The most common form of procrastination on decisions involves personnel issues.

Seven ruinous thoughts:

  1. “It won’t hurt to compromise a little.”

  2. “I can give my family time later in life when I’m more established.”

  3. “No one really pays attention to what I do.”

  4. “I need to be careful not to rock the boat.”

  5. “I can put off that tough decision until later.”

  6. “That person messed up five years ago. He doesn’t deserve a second chance.”

  7. “My main goal is money.”

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