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All Out and All In

Let's face it. You strap one of these on your back and jump off of a base (beit a cliff, bridge, or airplane) and you have just committed yourself in an irreversible way. Once you step off of that ledge, there is no going back!

That's how it is with following Jesus. The Bible states that the ones who endure, even persecution, to the end (Matthew 24:13) will be delivered. Taking up our cross daily and following does not have an expiration date short of drawing our last breath. Christ is looking for a long term relationship. Non-committals need not apply.

Ok, so most of us will never have the nerve to base jump. The terra firma crowd will never experience the thrill and the joy (and sheer terror!) of tossing our bodies out of a perfectly good airplane or solid rock foundation. Likewise, few will ever taste the beauty and grace of going all out by going all in for God's Son and His way (Matthew 7:13). The risks are too great and the rewards too, I don't know, unfathomable. But, some will, and for the rest, we'll just watch the video on YouTube and wonder what it must be like to have that kind of faith!

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