5 Simple Ways to Improve as a Leader

October 9, 2017

Growing as a leader is important to growth in ministry and business. Here are five ways you can grow as a leader no matter where you are in your tenure, or what your profession. Obviously, the sooner you employ these, the better.


First, let’s look at some highlights:

  • Bad leaders are stingy with knowledge. Good ones share what they know.

  • One sign of insecurity is withholding information from others.

  • Don’t expect more effort from those you lead than what you’re willing to put in yourself.

  • The number one challenge of leaders is having followers.

  • For staff members, encouragement from the senior leader is critical.

  • Sometimes a leader needs to be a fire marshal, not a fire fighter.

  • Too much of church life, and the business day, is “firefighting.”


So, the five ways you can improve as a leader are:

  1. By sharing your knowledge.

  2. By raising the bar of expectations.

  3. By shifting from a discouraging posture to an encouraging posture.

  4. By becoming proactive change agents instead of reactive change agents.

  5. By encouraging cooperation rather than competition.

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